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About Us

Technowise 360 Inc., is an e-commerce business platform that recommends and sells highly-effective and best-selling products in the market today and the first to use a multi-level referral marketing system to reward its members and loyal customers. It features a unique and hybrid compensation plan and a revenue-sharing program to empower consumers giving them an easier path towards financial independence and success.

Technowise 360 Inc., aims to uplift economic status of Filipinos by offering a viable and online-integrated business plan that will solve not only financial issues but as well as health and beauty issues of its customers/members.


The company was founded by Reachet “Reach” Yanes, director of Alliance of Committed Entrepreneurs to Success (ACES), an organization of people learning entrepreneurship in the online marketing industry. In this role, Reach saw the need to establish a reliable internet program to help thousands of people achieve financial success in a legitimate way.

Having had a combined experience of five years in the multi-level marketing industry and two years online, she practically had seen enough – the good and the bad. This is where she saw different problems why people struggle along the process of success and how MLM owners are taking advantage of the weakness of the people – giving false promises, overpricing, too much hyping and brainwashing people.  She’s been a victim herself of a company, where she had thousands of distributors and was the number one earner consistently for more than a year. The company she trusted and had entrusted her people with, later on stop paying their commissions and turned out to be just like the illegal internet schemes that you will find rampant these days. The malpractices of MLM companies she and her team experienced there became a challenge to her to change the way this industry is going.

With a compassionate heart urging her to help a lot of people financially and a strong foundation of management and leadership, she was pushed by the circumstances to take full control and with the support of her leaders, she put together a company, founded on the principles of trust and teamwork, which will not only help solve problems of attrition but will also give people more flexibility, fair product pricing and a just compensation – thus Technowise 360 was born!